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We're all assholes. Everyone who is or was is an asshole. What, even Gandhi?
Think about it. We all start out the same way... a single sperm among 50 million other sperm, all desperate to get to one egg.
To win. You, me, everyone else on the planet ever in history, we all won that 100-meter in-utero, winner-take-all race to mama's enchanted, life-giving egg. First prize? Life? Second prize? Death. Right.
Now, you think we weren't throwing a few elbows? You think you weren't knocking a few other sperm over, stabbing 'em in the back just to get ahead, just to win?
Thom, you don't win that kind of race without being an asshole. I mean, a huge asshole.
Your problem is you think that assholes are some sort of anomaly, some sort of aberration. Nature is an asshole factory, my friend.
If you exist, you're an asshole.
You think, therefore you are, but you are, therefore you're an asshole.

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